The Damage

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The Damage eBook


Nobody believed that Kelly didn’t know where her boyfriend hid the stolen Ruby Slippers.

Kelly was dating Jared when he stole the Ruby Slippers, and Eric helped hide them in an abandoned iron ore mine. When Jared died, Eric was almost killed looking for the shoes, and everyone was sure Kelly knew more than she was admitting.

She didn’t…until the morning she finds them while scouting a different mine.

In a split second decision she takes the shoes, determined to figure out a way to return them without drawing suspicion to herself. Before she can devise a plan, Private Investigator Mark McDonald joins the case. He’s charming and gorgeous, but his interest in Kelly seems more than professional, and his motivations less than sincere.

Kelly’s receiving intimidating phone calls, her company is being threatened, and Eric warns her Mark isn’t who she thinks he is. She has to figure out whom she can trust and how to protect her family, or whether the best thing might be destroying the shoes completely.

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