Books books everywhere!

As you may have noticed on the Books page, Stealing the Ruby Slippers is now available in all of the major online retailers. Bookstores and libraries can also order it now, and it *should* be available on Oyster and Scribd soon (if you subscribe to either and want to read it, contact them. I’m not exactly how they decide to put books on the service, I just know that it’s available if they want to add it.)

Doing all of this has me thinking even more about both my own reading list and about bookstores in general. I’m readingĀ The Untold
right now and LOVING it. While in Nashville this week, I visited one of my favorite bookstores. I’m really looking forward to a tour of bookstores in Minneapolis when the kids start school. I’ve visited this one the most, it’s in my neighborhood and next to a great coffee shop. I’ve been here twice and love it, and really want to check out this one and this one.

What are you reading right now? Where do you like to get your books? Are you using any of the subscription services?

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