Behind the scenes

Xenu space plane1A

Ever wonder what goes into writing a book? For Stealing the Ruby Slippers, I did a lot of research. The basis of the book: the theft of the slippers (and the timing as it relates to Hurricane Katrina) are both true. And I wanted to get as many facts right as possible. So I did a lot of research. Some of that research was in person, at places like The Judy Garland Museum. A lot of it was done online, reading newspaper articles and studying pictures. And now that I’m thinking about writing a sequel, I’m doing a lot more research. If you’re interested, I’ve organized all of the old research on Pinterest, you can check out all of the “Stealing the Ruby Slippers” boards. Follow me, I’ll be posting more as I work on the sequel.

(BTW, the picture has nothing to do with anything, but it seemed kind of research-y and fun. It was created by NASA. I wish I could somehow tie them into the sequel.)

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